Program Overview




To enable children who enroll in the Greeley Youth Lacrosse (GYL) program to have a positive playing experience, and learn to play and love the game, GYL establishes the following conduct standards for coaches, players and parents.  This Code of Conduct is a condition of participation for all coaches, players and parents.  All such participants in GYL agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and to be subject to the consequences of violating the Code.  It shall be a condition of participating in GYL as a coach, player or parent that, by enrolling in the GYL program or acting as a coach, players, coaches and parents of players are all bound by this Code of Conduct, and its validity is hereby a matter of record and is not dependent upon physical signature.

All enforcement decisions made by officials of GYL are final and are not subject to review.  No refunds will be granted to those players dismissed from GYL for violations of the Code of Conduct by themselves or their parents.

Coaches and Participating Parents

  • The #1 priority of GYL is to teach basic lacrosse skills in a fun and safe manner, not a team’s won/lost record.
  • Coaches are to teach and encourage players through positive reinforcement.
  • Coaches should always demonstrate positive behaviors and reinforce them to players, parents, officials and spectators alike.  Players should be specifically encouraged and positively reinforced by coaches to demonstrate respect for teammates, opponents, officials and spectators.  Coaches must help reinforce the self-image of each player by being positive and constructive
  • Know and teach the rules of lacrosse.  Abide by those rules in practice and games.
  • Teach and practice good sportsmanship at all games and practices.
  • Establish objectives for your team and players and inform them of team and individual goals.
  • Teaching should be emphasized in practice, with games serving as an opportunity for kids to play and learn from their mistakes.  Coaches should avoid over instructing play during games.  Negative comments by coaches from the sideline to players on the field during games will not be tolerated.
  • Referees are to be respected and supported, do not openly argue with referees over calls not related to a players’ safety.  Coaches also are expected to educate their players as to the important role of lacrosse officials and reinforce the ideal of respect for the officials to players/teammates.
  • Coaches of the Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and the 3/4th Grade program and all B Teams shall do their best to ensure that everyone plays an equal number of minutes per game.
  • Coaches for A Teams shall do their best to ensure that everyone plays a significant amount of time.  It is presumed that players selected for such teams are skilled enough to play on the team, and therefore should all play significant time.
  • Players should be allowed to play each position, although this may be limited at the 5/6 and 7/8 A level.  Even at this level, however, players should get some opportunity to play different positions.  Goalies should be encouraged to play the field when not playing in the goal, including at the A level.
  • Coaches shall not have players from other teams play on their teams unless their team has less than fifteen players show up for a game.  In such cases, coaches should invite different players from GYL only to play for their team.
    Obscene language, profanity, or profane gestures will not be tolerated.
    Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.

Non-Coaching Parents and Spectators

As a parent/guardian and spectator, I recognize that parents/guardians are the most important role models for their children, and that sports help to develop a sense of teamwork, self-worth and sportsmanship. As such, I agree to abide by the following in supporting the Greeley Youth Lacrosse (“GYL”) program:

  • Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, fans and officials at games, practices and events.  Parents may not berate, ridicule, or abuse referees or game officials or opposition’s players or coaches.
  • Place the well-being of my child before a personal desire to win.
  • Encourage my child to play by the rules and respect the rights of other players, coaches, fans and officials.  Do my best to understand the rules of the games, as well.
  • Agree and accept that it is the coaching staff’s job to coach, the referees’ job to make calls, and the parents’ obligation to do neither.  Do not coach your child during games or practices.
  • Make every effort to get their child to practices and games at the time designated by the coaching staff and to notify the team manager if their child will need to miss or will be late for a game or practice.
  • Not to raise complaints or concerns with the coaches or GYL officials for at least 24 hours after a game or practice.
  • Understand that each player is responsible for her/his own equipment and parents should not allow their child to participate in a GYL practice or game without full or unsafe equipment.
  • Advocate a sports environment where the sideline is for viewing and cheering in a positive way, not for shouting or yelling.  Do not EVER criticize players, on either side.
  • Obscene language, profanity, or profane gestures will not be tolerated.
    The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited at all GYL-sanctioned events.
  • Take time to discuss with your son/daughter the guidelines for players that are listed below

Any parent who does not follow the rules above or contributes to a non-positive experience for the GYL program is subject to temporary or permanent exclusion from the fields for practices and/or games; and in extreme situations, expulsion of the parent’s child from the program.


As a player, I understand that I must follow these rules to stay in good standing:

  • Respect the game, play fairly and follow all rules and regulations
  • Show respect for authority to the officials of the game and of the league.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after games
  • Help parents and fans understand the league philosophy so they can watch and enjoy the game.
  • Be courteous to opposing teams and treat all players and coaches with respect.
  • Be modest when successful and be gracious in defeat.
  • Respect the privilege of the use of public facilities; it is a privilege to play on Chappaqua Central School District fields, and I will not abuse that.
  • Be committed to the program by showing up promptly for practices and games.
  • Refrain from the use of obscene language, profanity, or profane gestures; no fighting.
  • During a tournament or game when you are away, you represent Chappaqua, the Town of New Castle and GYL.  Be a good citizen of our town and the GYL program.

Any player who does not abide by these rules or violates this Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action which may include the removal from the Greeley Youth Lacrosse program.


The GYLA Board of Directors will deal with unacceptable conduct at its sole discretion, imposing warnings, suspension or expulsion, as it deems appropriate.  ANY SUSPENSION OR EXPULSION BASED ON VIOLATIONS OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT WILL NOT BE ACCOMPANIED BY A REGISTRATION REFUND.