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5/6 Girls Fall Ball 2019
by posted 07/19/2019

5/6 Girls Fall Ball 2019 

Each year the Greeley Youth Lacrosse Association Board of Directors evaluates the youth lacrosse program based on feedback received from parents, coaches, players, as well as trends we see happening with neighboring programs.  It’s important to us that we always remember that this is a town-based program where inclusion is critical and we develop players at all levels. 

Last year we introduced a more formalized fall ball program that gave the opportunity for those trying the sport to not have to make a huge financial or time commitment to lacrosse.  In the past, field time was limited in the fall so we did our best to schedule fall ball when we had fields.  This left some of our younger grades out of getting access to the fall training.  Thanks to the CCSD Athletic Department, we now have the resources to have a fall ball program for grades 1-8.   We’re all excited because this gives the opportunity for all of our players to gain more experience.   A note specific to the other grades will go out to those families. 

Fall Ball Summary for 5/6 Girls Lacrosse

  • Cost: $100 for the fall program 
  • Schedule: 1 practice / week and a game will look to be scheduled (TBD)
  • 5/6 Girls Time Slot: Friday evenings at 6:30 – 8:15 at HGHS Field C (new turf). 
    • Please understand that this may not work for everyone but we had to schedule this (and all grade days/times) around CYSC and other fall sports. 
    • Please also note that if there’s a week where there is a conflict with Varsity Field Hockey on Field C, we will move it up or back or to a different location. 
  • Registration Opens: Registration is expected to open 7/22 and remains open throughout the fall season via
  • Dates:  We are aiming to start the week of 9/3 and run until the week of 11/4

Conflict Disclaimer:  We created this schedule with coordination from CYSC based on their schedule.  We cannot manage conflicts with outside soccer or other sports teams and apologize if your child can’t participate in this because of those outside New Castle conflicts. 

Structure of the 5/6 Girls Program For Fall and Some Info on Spring

During the fall and the spring, we will practice as one team with all athletes working on the same drills and skills.  One of the goals for the more experienced players will be to help their “little sisters” learn this more advanced program.  5/6 girls lacrosse is definitely more advanced with modified checking, a full field, and no pass rule.  It will take a bit of getting used to for the rising 5th graders but I’m confident they will rise to the occasion. 

In early December, there will be an evaluation for team placements for spring teams.  This is not a try-out as no cuts are made.  The more advanced players will be placed on the Orange team and the Blue team will consist of less experienced players. 


The placement is more for game scheduling so that like skilled players compete against each other.   Also, if a returning player was on the Orange Team last year, their slot is not “saved”.  Hard work is rewarded and every slot is open when the evaluations take place.  They are also not grade based and we expect girls from both grades to be on both the Orange and Blue teams. 

The most important things to note for the spring are:

  • Once again, there are no cuts made and every girl will be on a team and have an opportunity play lacrosse in the spring with their friends;
  • There will be potential movements for a girl who is crushing it on the Blue Team to play on the Orange Team.
    • This will be based on performance in practice and games, not just in games.
    • We saw this happen last year and girls from the Blue were regularly playing on the Orange

Coaches & Practices

We are extremely lucky to be staffing the 5/6 girls lacrosse team with 2 very experienced lacrosse players from Manhattanville.  Melissa O’Mara and Hailey Destasio, both amazing midfielders, will be leading the drills and development of our players.  Eric Rose, Joanna Rizoulis, and I will also coach the practices and games.   If other parents have experience and want to help coach, we welcome the support. 

Before each of our practices, detailed practice plans are developed to ensure the practices are organized and skills progress from week-to-week.  Having 5+ coaches allows us to ensure that the girls get a lot of individualized attention to help them advance.  So if your daughter is just trying this sport out, please know that we don’t just coach to the top players.  Our goal is bring every player to their potential.  

But please don’t expect miracles as lacrosse is a tough game.  If your daughter wants to be good at this game, it will take a lot more than the Friday practices we are holding.  We ask the girls that want to excel to spend 15 minutes every day doing some lacrosse practicing.  It make a huge impact on their skills. 


In summary, we are all excited for the upcoming fall ball and overall 2019/2020 lacrosse seasons.  We’d like more players for this program so if your daughter has a friend considering the sport, this fall ball program starting in September is a terrific opportunity to do so.  It’s inexpensive and it’s going to be a lot of fun. 


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